The InVEST software determines the valuation of ecosystem services and evaluates how impacts to ecosystems can alter the benefits they provide to humans.
The Texas Trees Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose goals are to create an urban forest by planting trees on public streets, boulevards, and rights-of-way and to improve parks and public natural green spaces.

Informed by a stakeholder-led design process, the Blue Hole Regional Park aims to protect and enhance the site's ecologically sensitive areas. the park offers an enhanced swimming hole, an extensive interpretive education program, sustainable features, and active recreation amenities for thousands of annual visitors.

Buffalo Bayou Promenade is a 23-acre urban park and recreation area that transformed an overgrown, trash-soaked urban greyfield into a thriving waterfront. The $15 million landmark project both improved flood control capacity and transformed a marginalized space beneath the freeway into a safe, welcoming place for pedestrians.