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North Texas is growing and will continue to grow to an estimated 10.7 million people by 2040. This means that approximately 3 million new residents will live in our region over the next 20 years. Furthermore, this means many new homes will be built to accommodate this population growth and each home will use water, energy, and rely on the transportation system and fuels to carry out daily life activities.

All this growth means that reducing our energy and water consumption and continuing to improve transportation efficiency will be important to ensuring that increased demands can be met by existing infrastructure. Building new infrastructure, whether water reservoirs or electric generating plants, is expensive. If we can all be a little more conscientious about how we use water, energy, and fuel, North Texas can continue to provide a high quality of life in the future for all residents!


Conserve North Texas is a regional clearinghouse of resources, tools, and case studies related to water, energy, and transportation efficiency topics. These resources are targeted most directly at local governments and other public sector institutions, but it is hoped that other users can also find value in the content.

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Conserve North Texas is a collaboration between the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Transportation Department and NCTCOG Environment and Development Department.

Transportation Department
NCTCOG's Transportation Department and Regional Transportation Council serve as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which involves a collaborative structure of stakeholders and committees that coordinate to address the region's complex transporation needs. Transportation staff offer expertise to the Regional Transportation Council and technical committees with transportation-related matters.

Environment and Development Department
NCTCOG's Environment and Development Department supports multiple programs, committees, and outreach initiatives for important regional issues: Regional Materials Management, Water Quality and Watershed Protection, Stormwater Management, Flood Plain Management, Community Development, Public Works, Regional Building Codes, Development Excellence, and Grease Abatement.