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The City of Plano's Green Business Certification (GBC) program recognizes businesses that have taken steps toward sustainability in the areas of general education, waste reduction, energy efficiency, water efficiency, pollution prevention, and sustainable purchasing. Small- to medium-sized Plano industry classified as offices, retail outlets, restaurants, grocery stores and multi-family communities are currently eligible to apply. Potential benefits of certification include saving money, protection of the environment, and recognition of efforts. The Green Business Certification program is designed to be able to certify a business whether the facility is owned or leased.

Plano, Texas

Year Implemented


Program Details

Implementation Process

  • Extensive research of programs run by other municipalities
  • Conversations with other businesses before finalizing our checklists
  • Continual review of the program

Motivation for Implementing Program

The program was developed by the City to recognize green businesses and is managed by the City’s Commercial Recycling Division. The GBC program verifies these businesses are upholding a commitment to conduct their daily practices to reduce the impact on our environment.


  • Cost for Certification (valid for two years)
    • Less than 25 employees - the cost will be $200
    • Twenty-five or more employees - the cost will be $350
  • The City reinvests the certification funds into advertising those green businesses and our program.

Short and Long-Term Benefits

  • Businesses make people are aware of their green efforts
  • Residents know that the City values these green efforts as many of the citizens do

Project Outcomes

The GBC's love the program and see great value and benefit from it, including:

  • A Green Business Certification decal to display prominently at their business
  • Permission to display this logo on the company website and in their advertisements or stationery
  • A listing on the City’s Green Business Certification website under their business category
  • Opportunity to be highlighted on the CIty's website
  • Potential additional exposure to other marketing avenues, i.e., Plano Economic Development Board, Plano Chamber of Commerce, Plano Profile, SNAP-e News, the City of Plano’s residential newsletters, Live Green in Plano Volunteer Newsletter

Lessons Learned

Many businesses do not promote their green efforts enough! They are doing so much to be a good steward to our environment and people just are not aware.


  • 32 currently Green Certified Businesses (most are members of the Plano Chamber of Commerce


Plano, Texas